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Harbin the Ice City in China, belongs to one of the best winter getaways for world friends globally famous for its spectacular annual World Ice and Snow Festival gala during winter. With irresistible charm, Harbin easily attracts millions of travelers to join in the grand winter event to appreciate thousands of spectacular artistic sculpture of ice and snow and be immersed into such an amazing fairytale world, which held from late December to the next February or March every year. As a reputed wonderland of ice and snow, Harbin boasts the so fancy No. 1 China Snow Town, Chinese largest ski resort at Yabuli… for everybody to catch the most gorgeous snow landscape and have extremely wonderful time on exciting skiing and many winter sports and entertainments, no matter you travel solo or with family members. Besides, Harbin is a mysterious city where houses rich clusters of Russian and Western styles architectural treasures to tell its history, which is blended perfectly with its authentic bold and unconstrained quality as a northeastern Chinese city, and finally to be the Chinese and exotic Harbin you can see nowadays!

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