Special Session VIII

Resilience of Cyber-physical System: Methodologies and Applications


A Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) loosely refers to the critical system that has a cyber layer and a physical layer. Such systems are increasingly prevalent across sectors such as transportation, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing, making the understanding and enhancement of their resilience vital. This session will focus on methodologies for assessing resilience in CPS, optimization techniques, design principles, and practical case studies. We welcome those interested in the subject matter to join this session and collectively advance the research and application of resilience in CPS.


Topics of interest for submission include, but not limited to:

●Advanced Methodologies for Assessing CPS Resilience 评估CPS韧性的方法论
●Innovative Design Principles for Enhancing CPS Resilience 创新的CPS韧性增强设计
●Machine Learning in CPS Resilience 机器学习在CPS韧性中的作用
●Mitigating Cyber Threats 缓解网络威胁
●Interdependency and Resilience in Multi-system CPS Structures 多系统CPS结构中的互依赖性和韧性
●Case Studies: Applications of CPS and its resilience in Critical Industries/Infrastructures 案例研究:关键行业/基础设施的CPS及其韧性

Chair: Jiaxiang Cai, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Jiaxiang Cai received the B.E. degree in hydraulic engineering in 2012 and the M.S. degree in environmental science and engineering in 2015, both from Tsinghua University. He received the Ph.D. degree in industrial systems engineering and management in 2021 from National University of Singapore (NUS). He is currently a Research Fellow at the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, NUS. His research interests include reliability engineering, industrial statistics, CPS design and modelling. (E-mail: isecaij@nus.edu.sg)

蔡加祥本科与硕士均就读于清华大学,并于2012和2015年分别获得水利工程学士学位和环境科学与工程硕士学位。 博士就读于新加坡国立大学,并于2021年获得工业系统工程与管理博士学位。 目前在新加坡国立大学工业系统工程与管理系从事博士后研究。 研究方向包括可靠性工程、工业统计、网络物理系统设计和建模。

Chair: Bingxin Yan, Beihang University, China

Bingxin Yan received the B.E. degree in safety engineering in 2018 and the Ph.D. degree in systems engineering in 2023, both from the School of Reliability and Systems Engineering at Beihang University. Her research interests include reliability engineering and applied stochastic processes. (E-mail: yanbingxin124@163.com)


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